How to remove braviax.exe/cru629

11 03 2008

i think trojan remover can remove this malware now, coz i had submitted this file to you can get it from, altough it’s 30 days trial free, the remove ability is able. install it to your computer, update its database, and run a scan. if the trojan comes back after scan, follow these steps,

it might be problem :

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\tquv.exe

Locate this file and select Scan with the trojan remover. when the screen appears, regardless of whether if states that nothing is detected, select the option to disable the file by renaming it. You will be promted to restart pc-say no. after renamed to tquv.exe.vir delete it. run a new scan with trojan remover, if you get any alerts, select the option to prevent the program running and rename the program file. if the alert is a “File alert”, select the option to disable the file by renaming it. restart your pc when prompted, run the new scan and see if it comes back or not. You may run your antivirus to find crap that braviax download.




2 responses

13 03 2008

after spend a night trying to remove the sickning malware, I awake, and as a last try remove it b4 re-boot I found you guys.

thamks a lot

14 03 2008

ur welcome…:)

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